QMC Vending is a sister company to The Quiz Machine company established in 2005 to supply amusement machines of all descriptions, including, Quiz  machines, fruit machines, pool tables and more to the leisure industry including Working Mens clubs, Social clubs, Sports clubs, pubs, hotels, company staff room and in later years to provide automated and manual beverage and snack facilities.

In recent years we have identified a growing demand for automated services, particularly with hot drinks and simple vending. Rather than offer a huge selection of machines we have formed strategic partnerships with specific, trusted, reliable manufacturers and have have put together a range of vending options that will suit most of our target market.

Our most popular, tried and tested hot drinks vending machine is the Vogue the Vogue can be found in Sports clubs, Community Centers, gyms, factories vending a selection of hot drinks at a client selectable price normally around 50-60p.


The Vogues is often complemented by, or as  a stand alone unit with the ever practical “Snack Break” or “Snack Break Mini” produced by Darenth MJS

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